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In this side-project I wanted to share, as giclĂ©e art prints, some of the images I’d accumulated in my photographic archive that not only gave me particular joy, but that I also thought, with the right treatment, could work well as decorative wall art. It was also important to me that the resulting prints were affordable, and easy to frame.

I’m not a photographer, so just presenting these pictures in their original photographic form, albeit with the possibilities of digital enhancement, wasn’t really a road I wanted to go down. Instead, I wanted to create art pieces out of them, in the style of a printmaker, by making them into line⁠-⁠art.

Using my experience in digital artwork creation I developed my own method of deconstructing a photographic image (or sometimes more than one) and rebuilding the elements into a single piece of vector line artwork. Each finished picture is a calculated balance—areas of bold, solid colour, partnered with shadow and highlight tones that are rendered with line screens.

Prints are currently for sale in my online shop.

Art print of a row of decorative antique book covers on an ornate bookshelf, in red, brown and gold.

Antique Books

A picture for the bookworm, the antiquarian, or perhaps just somebody who wants a bit of ‘olde worlde’ style on their wall. There’s a sumptuous feel to the colours and details of these antique book covers on an old bookshelf. You can buy this print here.

Art print of mauve thistles in bloom on a green leafy background.

Blooming Thistles

Nature gives us so many pleasing combinations of shape and colour. Here, the spiky character and soothing mauve colour of thistles in bloom, together with the softness and lively green of a leafy backdrop, all contrast and complement each other. You can buy this print here.

Art print of an Italian hillside village with an arrangement of buildings with terracotta rooves.

Carate Urio from Lake Como

There’s something fascinating about the stacked buildings of Italian hillside villages. Individually, the buildings themselves are mostly simple and ordinary, but, as a collection, with a homogeneous colour palette, they have a certain rhythmic beauty. You can buy this print here.

Art print of a close-up tuna fish on a green background.

Fish out of Water

When this close-up view of a tuna was captured, the fish had long been caught and out of the water. The practise of taxidermy, which allows us to inspect the subject closely and appreciate its beauty in a convenient and leisurely way, can also make us feel sad for the creature’s demise, even if it’s long in the past. You can buy this print here.

Art print of a statue of Robert Burns with a colourful check scarf wrapped around.

Hap Up, Rabbie!

An icon, styled! At the Birks of Aberfeldy there are several artworks relating to Scots poet Robert (Rabbie) Burns, including this statue, which shows a man full of purpose. One day I spotted that someone had wrapped a colourful check scarf (an item of lost property, perhaps?), around his neck, giving him a light-hearted and jaunty look. Way more stylish than a traffic cone! You can buy this print here.

Art print of a classical statue close-up with a green leafy background.


In the inspired Italianate gardens of Drummond Castle, Perthshire, Scotland, this classical statue, with its air of quiet contemplation, is completely at home in a setting of carefully curated trees and shrubs. You can buy this print here.

Art print of a musical manuscript for plainsong in black and red.


On display in the Santa Croce museum in Florence (Firenze), Italy, is this musical manuscript of plainsong, produced in the early days of printing. Its presentation is bold, simple and utilitarian, but the overall effect is evocative and quite magical. You can buy this print here.

Art print of a modern gondola cabin moving across a spectacular Canadian mountain scene.

Sulphur Mountain Gondola

There’s the feel of a travel poster about this one. The awesome beauty of the Canadian Rockies is sometimes complemented by some of the man-made structures placed in it. Here, for example, a modern gondola cabin passes through the spectacular mountain scene, clinging onto its impressively steep cable. You can buy this print here.

Art print of a blue hot-air balloon landing in front of a red-brick high-rise block of flats.

Surprise Landing

Bristol, England, is one of the hot-air ballooning centres of the World, and mass flights over the city are a common occurrence. This picture documents the day back in the 1980s, when one balloon crew had to make a dramatic early landing, narrowly missing our house roof and the adjacent high⁠-⁠rise block! You can buy this print here.

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