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Why Studio XB?

Paul Williams, Owner/Designer, Studio XB

Experience, attitude, expertise & attention to detail.


A creative, objective approach will instantly give your offering the visual impact it needs and the credibility it deserves. For this you need someone who has put in the years honing their design and production skills.

I’m Paul Williams, Owner/Designer of Studio XB, and your project will benefit from my 30+ years’ experience in creative design, typesetting and artwork. Working mainly for smaller businesses and individuals, I have the knowledge, skills and attitude a smaller business needs to achieve stand-out creative design and branding solutions with little fuss and efficient turnaround.

Using Studio XB, you’ll see how quickly your design can take shape and marvel at how pleasant and stress-free the whole process can be.


I aim for corporate-level quality but in a way that works for the smaller business. Smaller businesses won’t normally have the kind of resources and reach that can leave certain things unsaid—they have to maximise every opportunity.

On a personal level, I’m strong on empathy, to the point where clients have said “you read my mind”! I make every attempt to try and see where a client is coming from so I can tailor my approach to the model, culture and style of their business, as well as the market they’re in.


No doubt you will have put tremendous thought and countless hours of work into your offering, to have got it to this point. So, there’s a lot resting on the next stage: partnering it with creative design that does justice to your product.

You need a safe pair of hands to help you complete this stage; someone with the expertise to ensure that every aspect of your finished design complements your product perfectly and, most importantly, encourages people to buy into it.

Attention to detail

Along with ensuring a project’s overall aims are met comes the importance of looking after the little things. Getting the detail right is crucial for conveying to your audience how much you care about them and about what you’re offering them. Detail has many aspects to it, from spelling and grammar through to typographical and colour consistency, and these are things I care about and put a lot of effort into, because they matter.

Oh, and helping you make the right decisions

With any design project there are so many important decisions to be made that will have an impact on its effectiveness and cost.

With Studio XB by your side, help and advice to guide you through these choices is all part of the service.

Drawing on my wealth of experience, I’ll recommend what I believe will work most effectively for your particular project.

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Let’s talk!

You’ve found the right partner to help you make your creative design project a reality. Just get in touch today for a relaxed, no-obligation chat about it and the result you’d like to achieve.

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