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This category covers anything that doesn’t fit neatly into any of the others.

The spread of styles and media, therefore, is probably the widest in the whole portfolio!

Example artwork for giclée prints for Paul Alex Williams Art

Artwork for giclée prints

(Self project)

This has been a side project of mine, and a departure into a more ‘fine art’ kind of direction. Selecting photographs from my own archive that I felt had good composition and colour, interesting subject matter, and that could make attractive wall art, I worked up a range of pieces to be produced as limited edition giclée prints. The method of creation involves the conversion of a photograph into a style of flat line-art akin to a poster where you choose a limited number of dominant colours. You can see all the prints here or buy in my online shop.

Game board, box and question card designs shown with playing pawns and a die

Reach 4 da Beat!⁠™ board game

Primrose First Aid Training Ltd

Kingsley O, popular First Aid trainer and self-styled King of First Aid, wanted to create an educational board game to bring First Aid principles to adults and children in a fun and enjoyable way. My first proposal was deemed a little complex to grasp quickly, so we adapted it to a simpler playing format akin to Snakes & Ladders, bolstering it with educational elements such as on-board statements and a deck of question cards. Keeping to the bold colour palette and illustrative style I’d established for his previous materials, the end result is lively, attractive and easy to play. See also the accompanying book and general branding.

Stained glass window effect and coffee cup graphics featuring the 4Networking smiley

Smiley graphics for stained glass window effect and dispenser coffee cup

4Networking Ltd

As part of the decor and signage programme at the new 4N Headquarters this lighthearted stained-glass-window-look graphic was produced using the ubiquitous 4N smiley to amusing effect. The smiley is also used on other items, like these coffee machine cups, for example.

Set of designs for t-shirts for 4Networking

T-shirt designs

4Networking Ltd

An attempt to get across the refreshingly relaxed vibe of 4Networking with some ‘cool’ t-shirts which, in the end, didn’t go into production, so they only see the light of day here!

Spoof action film posters for The 4N Wild Geese and Operation Dorset Storm

Spoof action film posters

4Networking Ltd

These posters, and others, were commissioned by the Managing Director of 4Networking to add a striking and humorous touch to the boardroom at 4N Headquarters.

Wedding invitation design with a movie clapperboard theme

Wedding invitation design

Fran & Mike

“We don’t want a traditional wedding invitation—no cherubs or bells please.” the clients said, “We want something... different... something sexy and sophisticated... with red in it.”. So that’s what they got—a sexy wedding invitation a little out of the ordinary, with which they were overjoyed!

Tales of Mirth & Mayhem stage set and promotional graphics

Tales of Mirth & Mayhem stage set design and promotional graphics

St Paul’s Players

Some time ago, when I was part of an amateur dramatics group, I directed a production that consisted of two one-act plays in the style of Chaucer, with a presentation of some stories by A A Milne in between. I hit on the idea that the two plays, whilst conjuring completely different moods, could share a common stage set that could be made to work for each play through simple adaptations and clever use of lighting. So for the first play, a darker tale, we had a spooky night-time background using specially-lit luminous paint which then magically transformed into a benign daytime woodland scene for the second, lighter play. Also shown is the main supporting promotional graphic for the show, where a reader’s expression is partly obscured so it’s ambiguous—it could be an expression of amusement, or maybe one of shock!

Character face artwork for a dog and a tiger applied to sick container products

Product character face artwork

Jacqui Cattanach

Jacqui’s new product, a travel sickness aid for children, was at the prototype stage. As part of the product development, she wanted to broaden the range of character faces from the initial dog to others, including the tiger, rabbit and giant panda versions shown here. See also the associated logo, brochure and roller banners created for development and promotion.

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