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large format

With large format graphics there’s no hiding place!

They are intended to be very much present and visible in their environment, and need to withstand inspection from afar and at close quarters. That means the message needs to be communicated quickly and clearly, and the presentation needs to be sharp down to the detail.

Van livery for Strathearn Pest Control showing before and after

Van livery

Strathearn Pest Control Ltd

The design of this vehicle livery was so much more than just pimping a ride. The client was keen to retain the existing logo in its established form, along with the colours, but also to be able to compete with a major corporate player in the industry while remaining a trusted local business. The challenge, then, was to incorporate all these wishes within a new scheme that achieved all that and more. The solution does this in a way that puts the name front and centre, says clearly what the business is about, and gives the vehicles a stand-out appearance out on the road. It also has a friendliness that softens the serious image of the industry, which is handy for hospitality clients, for example, that might dread the appearance of a pest control van outside their premises. A real presence on the roads over a wide area, these vans are visibly a sign of success!

Triple roller banner design for Unreal self tanning

Unreal triple roller banner display

Liz Hawthorne

How to make an impact with a small-budget stand! This solution ingeniously uses three roller banners to do the work of one pop-up stand. The composite image, a combination of two photographs deftly worked into each other, catches the eye of passers-by and explains one of the product benefits in a simple, humorous and memorable way.

Pop-up stand and lectern for Cropkare

Cropkare pop⁠-⁠up stand and lectern

Willett & Son (Bristol) Ltd

A coherent, eye-catching and pleasing design was needed for this pop-up stand and lectern combo, for use at agricultural trade shows. A healthy, confident and trustworthy look was created, that would sit happily alongside the established branding and marketing materials for the product. See also the Cropkare logo creation and an example of some printed product marketing literature.

Set of banner stands for Feel Better Friends

Feel Better Friends banner stand set

Jacqui Cattanach

With her first product prototype produced, Jacqui needed to start getting into marketing mode, and part of this plan was attendance at suitable trade shows. To give her an attractive and informative backdrop for her stand space, she commissioned this set of three roller banners, each taking a different aspect of the product as its theme, but unified by a common style. See also the associated logo, brochure and product character face artwork created for development and promotion.

Stage backdrop graphics for The Business Networking Show

Stage backdrop graphics for The Business Networking Show

4Networking Ltd

With the overall identity developed and production of marketing materials for the run-up to this annual show in full swing, attention would be turned to the staging for the guest speakers. Essential to this was a top-quality backdrop that was attractive from a distance, pin-sharp close up, and totally on-brand. Here are examples from two years’ shows in action. See also the overall branding and some social media graphics for the events.

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